Yujin Torasuto

Ronin who overcame all odds to become the Jade Champion


Yugin Torasuto had been a Ronin his entire life trying to prove himself at every corner of the realms to gain the attention of the Emperor and to gain status, rank and honor. Despite being all but impossible, Yugin became appointed as the Jade Champion after squashing a secret dealing with the Unicorn teaching Gaijin magics to the Spider clan thus saving the Empire from a possible onslaught from magic unknown to those of Rokugan.

Recently Yujin Torasuto sent an urgent letter to meet him outside of Gurinburukku (Green brook). A stream known to the locals as Shirubāsutorīmu (Silver stream) is a hilly region, a location ideal for conversation unhampered. Yujin’s letter explained he must meet with his most trusted friends.

Yujin was murdered by a man with robes of many dark colors. After the players attempt to apprehend the man, the man escapes with a puff of smoke leaving nothing but his robes. Yujin was then inspected and an 8 petal white lotus with Orange, Red and Light Blue on the tips. After this was removed, Yujin was found to have a large black wound in the middle of his chest. Also on him pedals for Jade Tea were found and taken as evidence. Yujins head was nearly severed but still attached by skin on the back of the neck.

As two of the Unicorn clan members ride back to town to get the aid to bury the body the rest of the party stayed to watch over their dead friend. As the sun descended below the hills, the corpse of Yujin became animated. Fear struck the party, but after a short battle the corpse was put to rest.

Yujin Torasuto is now buried outside of the small village Gurinburukku.

Yujin Torasuto

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